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Press Kit

  • Suzhou's History

    2018 - Suzhou is one of the oldest cities in the Yangtze Basin dating back more than 2,500 years.

  • Getting To and Around Suzhou

    2018 - Suzhou is located in Jiangsu Province at the center of the Yangtze River Delta, approximately 60 miles west of Shanghai.

  • Suzhou: A City of Water

    2018 - Coined the Venice of China by Marco Polo, Suzhou is known for its crisscrossing canals, elegant stone bridges, grand lakes and tranquil rivers.

  • Top Attractions in Suzhou

    2018 - With more than 400 attractions to choose from, planning your perfect Suzhou itinerary may leave you not knowing where to start.

  • Suzhou’s Classical Gardens, A UNESCO World Heritage Site

    2018 - Visitors will discover why Suzhou’s classical gardens give merit to the moniker, “Heaven on Earth.”

  • Cuisine & Culinary Experiences

    2018 - Most famous for its vegetable and fish dishes, Suzhou cuisine emphasizes fresh, subtly sweet flavors and exquisite presentation.

  • Arts & Culture in Suzhou

    2018 - The area is famed for its Bi Luo Chun tea, a green spiral tea harvested in spring that is one of the most famous in all of China.

  • Suzhou’s Silk Industry

    2018 - Suzhou’s silk is the most important element of the wedding dress industry.