Welcome to 2,500 years of history.

Time stops at Suzhou where you find centuries of culture and modern wonders.

Historically, Suzhou was synonymous with high culture and elegance. Generations of Chinese artists, scholars, writers and high society were drawn to its exquisite art forms and the delicate beauty of its gardens. Discover Suzhou’s famous canals, romantic water towns, thousand-year-old temples and world-class museums. Savor traditional tea and cuisine along Suzhou’s historic streets. Treat your eyes and ears to ancient architecture and music. Rest your head in a bed that’s authentically Suzhou. Explore Suzhou’s unique offerings for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. read more

Where is Suzhou?

Suzhou is a major city located along the southeastern edge of Jiangsu Province in eastern China. Bordered by the Yangtze River in the north, Shanghai in the east, Zhejiang Province in the south and Lake Taihu in the west, Suzhou is a beautiful city that’s easy to get to and — once you’re here — hard to leave. read more

events & festivals

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2015MAR- APR

Biluochun Tea Culture and Tourism Festival

Celebrated annually, visitors are invited to pick and fry tea leaves from thousand-year-old tea shrubs (grown exclusively in the area), watch folk art performances and munch on traditional treats.

2015MAR- MAY

Tiger Hill Art and Flower Festival

Stroll through the grounds at historic Tiger Hill to see thousands of blooming flowers, architectural relics and the famed sword-filled pool.

2015MAR- APR

Changshu Shanghu Lake Peony Show

See and smell more than 50,000 peonies amongst 24 acres of lush gardens. Inspired by the surrounding flora, fine art and performance art can also be enjoyed.

2015MAR- MAY

Gourmet Festival, Taicang

Challenge yourself to a cooking contest, admire vibrant peonies and end your day watching a themed performance.

2015MAR- MAY

Azalea Tourism Festival

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is home to the largest and most celebrated classical garden, as well as a collection of more than 70,000 blooming azaleas.

2015APR- MAY

China International Tourism Festival

This annual festival celebrates the pride and culture of the “oriental water city.” Festivities include dragon boat contests, traditional Suzhou fare, colorful light shows, dazzling fireworks displays and so much more

2015MAR- MAY

Spring in Tongli Tourism and Culture Festival

The ancient city of Tongli, a neighboring town not far from Suzhou, showcases folk customs and plays host to hundreds of visitors, including local Chinese film and television celebrities.


International Tourism Festival in Zhouzhuang

Find a rich exhibition of arts and crafts, photography, calligraphy, literature and performance art in the nearby river village of Zhouzhuang. Be sure to include a stop by the Shuangqiao and Fuanqiao bridges while you’re there.

2015APR- OCT

Festival of Wu Culture

This six-month-long festival takes place at one of China’s most celebrated gardens. Don’t miss the many parades, kūnqǔ opera, píngtán (storytelling and ballad singing), traditional instrument performances and more.

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expert tips:

Traveling with children? Don't miss the Suzhou Amusement Park at Junji Lake with zipline ride, a dancing water fountain show on weekends and one of the world's tallest Ferris Wheels. The 60 cabins carrying a total of 300 passengers take 20 minutes per rotation, providing great views of the lake and the Suzhou skyline.